Hotmail Support Number Australia  1-800-958-238 Toll Free

For USA 1-888-372-8111 Toll Free

Since Hotmail email service comes into existence, people have accepted it gladly. Most of the people have minimum one email account under this service. But they never think twice whenever they face technical problem. To recover forgotten or lost password or compromised account Hotmail support team plays a significant role. Sometimes there is direct involvement in password related problem.

Hotmail Support

Direct involvement means, users typed the password incorrectly or they put case sensitive letter. But sometimes outsiders (hackers) make the users helpless. In that situation, users need to recover their password. Though self help is the best help-but here, this idiom doesn’t work. With limited technical knowledge it is impossible to solve any technical problem from its roots. That’s why technical guidance is necessary.

Members of Hotmail help team are always full of energy and provide high end solutions. There are many more problems which need instant technical attention. But most of the time users tend to fix problems by their own. But Hotmail support team will explain entire cause of the problem and provide high end solution

Sometimes, users leave the Hotmail account forever as they failed to access own Hotmail account. To deal with Hotmail login problem, Hotmail users can follow several ways .Sometimes users forgot their password or username. Sometimes users enter wrong password again and again. As a result, they failed to access own Hotmail account. Sometimes due to different browser or time zone, users face Hotmail access problem. Hotmail support team is always busy in giving instant solution to the users.

But what about those users who got attacked by the hackers? Hotmail customer support team assures a lot to them and give fast and high end solutions to deal with hacked account. Hacking an account means the hackers will have entire personal information about the users. And the hackers do whatever they want. Before following any process, users need to be confirmed that actually their account has been hacked. Sometimes users leave the public system with Hotmail account as logged on condition. Sometimes users shared their password with unknown person.

Follow the signs of hacked account-

  • Password doesn’t match.
  • If users managed to enter their account, but shocked to see the notification of sending mails to unknown persons.
  • Users got surprised to discover that there is no trace of new mail in the inbox.
  • The account has been access from different time zone and different browser.

What are the necessary steps-?

  • According to the Hotmail support team, users should change the password. After changing the password users should inform the people who are listed in the contacts that they have sorted out the hacking issue.
  • To change the password, users need to go to the account settings section. After that, users are instructed to ‘’more mail settings’’ from the menu.
  • Users are instructed to provide Hotmail email address, password and time zone.
  • In the segment of password, users need to mention both old and newly set password together.
  • To keep the password level stronger, users can mix capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Users need to enter into their Hotmail account to check the changes have been saved or not. If they see the changes ok. If they don’t see the changes then users need to follow the steps again.

If the users have some more queries or want to discuss some more problems then, they can contact with the Hotmail support team without any hesitation. They serve 24×7 hours basis. Through a toll free helpline number, Hotmail technicians are accessible to the users. Customized Hotmail customer service package is available for individual user.