Hotmail Help Number 1-800-958-238 Toll Free

For USA 1-888-372-8111 Toll Free

Without help, any work cannot be completed. It can be construction work, studies or official work need some help after a certain time. Even Hotmail users need some technical help to continue their online work smoothly. There are different types of problems which led the users to take help from the Hotmail help team. Sometimes users got scared with Hotmail account related issue. But they never try to solve those problems with their nontechnical knowledge. Actually, they should start using Hotmail account under strict supervision of Hotmail technical team. Otherwise they will be failed to deal with Hotmail related problem.

Hotmail Help

Hotmail support team is always engaged themselves in sorting out various technical problems. They never repeat same solutions or ideas for another user. They always provide unique solution for individual user. If anyone has doubt about the duration of the service, then they can feel relieved that Hotmail technical team provides solutions before crossing deadline.

No one knows who will face Hotmail login problem and for what reason. There different reasons are there for Hotmail access problem. All people are different so their way of handling the Hotmail account. That’s why Hotmail technical team always provides innovative solutions for all users.

Is there any way of Hotmail email recovery?

Hotmail help team assures them to not worry when the users have deleted mails in deleted items folder. They just need to follow some steps, that’s all.

  • Users need to click on the ‘’deleted items’’ folder which they find out at left side of their hotmail account.
  • Users need to right click on the deleted mails and select ‘’Move’’ to restore the mails again in the inbox.
  • After that, users are instructed to click on ‘’inbox’’.
  • If the users want to restore the deleted mails in a different folder, then users need to right click on the deleted mails and then they are instructed to choose ‘’move’’ option.
  • After that, Users need to select ‘’more’’ option.

But is it possible to recover deleted mails which are unavailable in deleted items folder?

Hotmail help team assures the users, that it is possible to recover deleted mails though they are not available in deleted items folder.

  • Hotmail users need to click on the ‘’deleted items’’ .This option is available on the left side of hotmail window.
  • Then, users need to choose the ‘’recover deleted items’’ from the list.
  • After that, users are instructed to select the desired items which they want to recover.
  • Then, users need to click on ‘’ok’’ option.

After recovering the deleted emails, it will be replaced in the original folders. But if the original folders are unavailable then users don’t need to be worried. The deleted items will go according to the type of the items. If the deleted mails are about messages related things- then it will go to the inbox. If the deleted mails are about calendar related things, then it will go to the calendar. If the deleted mails contain only contacts, then it will go the contacts folder. If the users want to keep tasks then they need to keep tasks in the task folder. Hotmail help team will provide thorough guidance during this process.

There are different problems are creating barrier in the path of online activities. That’s why Hotmail customer service team always available to help the users as 24×7 hours basis. Users can call them through a toll free helpline number. Customized service is available for the individual user. All technicians have sound knowledge and prior experience in this arena. Users can feel relieved in this matter.