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Hotmail users often shower praises about the mail service provider. The majority of them say that they are quite satisfied with the way Hotmail provides mailing services to them. They believe that Hotmail allows them to send or receive emails online, stay connected with their respective families or friends. They are also of the opinion that by maintaining a Hotmail account the users can pay various utility bills online, can share files as attachments for personal or professional reasons.


What if they face the Hotmail file attachment issue occurs? If that happens then will not be able to send emails, mail attachments for personal or professional reasons. In the event, they face such types of issues it is recommended that they visit the customer support team for help. This blog is all about this issue, it also provides information on the steps to take if Hotmail users face such type of problems.

Hotmail File Attachment Issue

Hotmail file attachment issue is not that common. However, it can happen and when this issue appears then the Hotmail users fail to attach files as attachment while sending emails for personal or professional causes. If this type of issue appears then you can try to log out of your mail account and re-login, then check to see if this issue is persistent. In case the issue is persistent then try to check whether there are any connectivity issues, whether your modem and router are working properly. If there is no error from your end then it is because of issues with Hotmail. Then you require to connect with the customer support for help and assistance.

Tips to Resolve File Attachment Issue

If you are facing a Hotmail file attachment issue then this is what you require doing.

Need to Check Your Internet Connection

Often file attachment issues appear if the network is slow and therefore you must solve network outage issues first. Check whether your router or modem is working properly. If you are facing issues because of some other reason then try to find out the cause of the problem. You can contact the experts at the ISP’s technical support to resolve network outages issue.

Check the File Size

If the file that you are trying to upload is sizeable then it will surely take a longer time to load. It can lead to a Hotmail file attachment issue. Therefore, you must upload only those files whose size is within permissible limits.

Presence of Malware

If there are malware and computer viruses in your PC then it can create a Hotmail file attachment issue. Therefore, install and use an effective antivirus software program in your PC. Make sure that you run the antivirus program often and in that manner, you can expect to keep your PC system clean and free from malware and viruses.

Facing Browser Related Issues

If you are using an incompatible browser then it can result in the creation of login issues, Hotmail file attachment issue. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you only use a browser that is compatible with your needs. Clear the browser history, cache history, delete cookies to enhance the performance of the browser.

If you have taken the above-mentioned steps to deal with file attachment issues and still the problem persists then you require to understand that the problem is out of your scope. You require to use the Hotmail customer service number and access the Hotmail support from the experts. While availing expert help you require to make them understand the type of issues that you are facing. Only then you can expect a solution that satisfies your requirements. In this context, it is relevant to add that Hotmail customer support is made up of some superb technicians. They are adept in undertaking customer issues, solving them within the shortest period.

If you are a Hotmail user and have faced login issues, file attachment issues then visit online, use the toll-free number that is available online and reach the customer support team for help and assistance. The Hotmail customer support team has expertise in resolving all types of email issues.

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