As now communication through email services have become much easier. Today internet is used all over the world so email services have attained an important place in our life. Bigpond webmail is such an email service which is popular among huge section of population worldwide. Use of email services on android phone and iPhone is increasing day by day. But the major problem that you may face is set up of the Bigpond account on android phone. In this article we are going to discuss various steps by which you can set up the account every easily.

Bigpond Webmail

Nowadays mostly people access internet through their smart phones and if you wish you access your Bigpond email on your android phone then first of all you have to download the application for the android version on your Smartphone then you can easily access Bigpond webmail through android or iOS operating system. If you have problem in downloading the android version, then you can take help of our Bigpond help team who will help you with steps. Before you start the set up process you have to ensure that you have these things handy. First of all, you must have an email account in the Bigpond. You have to keep handy the password and email address of that account. You must also have the knowledge about the domain name.

For installing Bigpond email, the next step that you have to follow is the configuration of the android device. For starting the process, you have to first of all, you have to open your email client where you need to enter your full email address and password. If you find that you have forgotten the password, then you will not be able to login and you have to take help of the support company for recovering the password. And if you have correct password then you can proceed with the steps. When you are asked about the type of account type then you have to select among POP3, IMAP and exchange then you have to proceed with the respective steps of set up according to your account type. Finally, you will be ready to use the account on your android phone.

If you have problem in understanding any of the steps, then you can always take help of our team who will guide you through the steps to set Bigpond webmail be it android phone or iphone it doesn’t matter. As we have free toll free number so you can call us free of cost and talk to us and explain your problem in detail. This will help our executives to understand the problem properly in detail. Our team is present twenty-four hours throughout the year to help you. As you may face any issue in your account during midnight or during day irrespective of time our team is always present to help you. It does not matter where you are present as we are ready to help you with proper solutions from any location.

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