Bigpond Technical Support Phone Number 1-800-958-238 Toll Free

People got terrified if they failed to access any email account and compelled to stop daily online activities which requires a valid email account. When it comes to Bigpond email service, people have some kind of assurance that if they face any problem then they need to dial  bigpond technical support phone number. It is toll free and always opens for the users. Bigpond technicians know if they take attempt to solve the problem then there will be lots of mistakes. That’s why Bigpond users depend on them fully. Bigpond technicians are committed to deliver high end solutions to the users. They never miss the deadline.

 Bigpond Technical Support Phone Number

When it comes to Bigpond mail receiving problem then it is better to take expert guidance. Bigpond expert team advises them to check a few things. These are discussed below-

  • Due to low storage capacity users failed to receive new mails. That’s why bigpond technicians advice them to check the account storage capacity first. If they have enough storage for receiving mail then users should check out some other things. But if not, then users should delete some unimportant old mails.

But despite of deleting old mails, if the users still face same problem, then they should start using of cloud storage option. Cloud storage option is meant for storing old bigpond mails. If the users want they can store new mails too.

  • Another reason of mail receiving problem is hacking activities. If the users got attacked by the hackers then users might fail to receive any new mail. Or later they will find out those new mails or unread mails as read mails. It happens when the users’ account becomes compromised and hackers start keeps noticing entire activities in their Bigpond email account.
  • Bigpond technician’s advice them to check the internet connection. Sometimes, due to poor internet connection users failed to receive new mails and cannot able to complete any online work.
  • Bigpond email technicians also suggest checking the Bigpond server connection status. If the users use old bigpond server connection then they should update the bigpond server connection. It also interrupts the users from receiving bigpond email.
  • If the users’ account (Bigpond) known as a source of spam, then it is difficult to receive new mails from others. Sometimes users’ account becomes blocked as that account knows as spam account. If the users find out that their account becomes blocked, they don’t need to be panicked. If they follow some steps, then they can able to overcome this issue.

Bigpond customer service is open for 24×7 hours. As said before, users can use the Bigpond technical support phone number. Users can negotiate with the technicians regarding the service package and the duration. Technicians have endless time to talk with them. Technicians have sound knowledge in this field.

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