Bigpond email service has huge contribution to the world, especially to those people who spent major part of the time in the virtual world. For them, an email service like big pond matters a lot. It is impossible to stop accessing this email service for long time or during working hours. So what’s the remedy? Bigpond technical support contact number team can help them a lot in this matter. Sometimes, due to low storage, users failed to find out new mails or keep store any old important mails for long time. They don’t know the reason of low storage capacity. That’s why they depend on the big pond expert team solely.


It is very awkward situation arise, when users are waiting for an important email, but due to low storage capacity of big pond account they failed to receive that mail. Bigpond technical support contact number team advice the users to follow some advices to keep the account storage capacity accurate.

  • Firstly, users should delete all unnecessary junk mails, promotional mails and spam mails. Sometimes, users ignore those mails and keep them in their account. But it reduces the storage capacity.
  • Next, users should delete all un important old mails. Big pond technical team always advice the users, if old mails need to be deleted. But if they wish to keep them as old memories then they should transfer those mails to another mail id.

If above mentioned two instructions don’t work, then users can take third party email help or cloud storage option. It will help them to store all important mails, videos, photos at regular basis.

  • Sometimes people don’t understand when and how their account becomes compromised. Here, Bigpond technical support number team give them few hints. These are discussed below-
  • There is no new mail in their account. Whereas there supposed to have some new mails.
  • Mails have been deleted and users don’t have any idea about that.

Some people (from users’ contact list) complain about sending abusive mails. Whereas, users never send those mails.

In this situation, users are instructed by the Bigpond technical support contact number team to change their password. And they should follow some strong authentication processes (2 steps authentication). Users should be careful regarding their email account. They should not reply of any promotional mails or junk mails. Those types of mails are sent from hackers mostly. So they should delete those promotional mails. Sometimes users got some mails with lucrative offers like winning prize or lottery. They should not reply of those mails or click on any unknown link. Sometimes hackers create a duplicate URL of any renowned website which led the users to believe that this offers come from that renowned company. So they should check the URL too.

If users want some more suggestions then they can take help from Big pond technical team through Bigpond helpline numberBigpond customer service number is open for 24×7 hours basis. This is a toll free helpline number. Users can call them technicians whenever they want any solutions regarding their account.

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