If you want to set up your email on email client or mobile device, the set up should be matched with the platform your email is currently using. According to that you need to follow the instructions and set up your email on email client or mobile device. But at first you need to find out what platform you’re presently using to access your email. For that the following instructions should be followed:

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  • Using your present browser you need to go to “Webmail”.
  • Then you need to open the login page.
  • After that you should enter your broadband username and password. If you are unable to your username or password you should go through a recovery process. Also you can call on bigpond phone support to get an effective solution.
  • Now you need to select Log in to get an access to your email account.

Once you’re logged into the email account you will be able to see the graphic image in the top left of your browser window which will help you identify the platform your email is presently using.

To get various email settings and to set up them perfectly or if you want to get email support you may call on bigpond phone support number to get better solutions.

How to save an email on your hard disk?

If you are a hotmail user and you want to save an email from hotmail to your hard disk you need to follow these instructions which you may get by calling on hotmail support phone number:

  • First you need to open the message you want to save to your hard disk from Hotmail.
  • Then you need to click the down arrow next to “Reply” option in the message’s header area.
  • Then you have to select View message source from the menu.
  • You should right click in the message list and then you need to select View message source from the context menu.
  • Now you have to press Ctrl-A to highlight all the message source’s text and code.
  • Next you need to see if your browser is allowing you to save the message’s source code as an “.eml file:”
  • Then you have to follow select file from the menu in the message source window or tab.
  • Then you have to change the file name to “[subject].eml”or “email.eml” or something similar.
  • The file extension should be “.eml” and you need to make sure that.
  • Now save the file to your desktop or any other folder on your hard disk.
  • If you are not able to save the file directly as an .eml files then you should open any plain text editor and then create a new plain text document. After that you need to press Ctrl-V to paste the message’s source. In this way you will be able to save the document as a plain text file on your Desktop or any other folder with the extension “.eml”.

This is the best way to save your emails from hotmail to your hard disk.


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