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Bigpond email users always want to protect their account from the ill minded people who want to utilize their account for wrong purpose. Sometimes they become succeed in doing this. In that situation, to get control of own account again, users must follow Bigpond password recovery method .But they should follow this method under expert supervision. Bigpond experts are always helpful in mind. So they never force the users to follow any strict or difficult method. They always simplify any technical term into simple language so that all types of users can able to understand what they are saying. Users can depend on them completely.

Bigpond password recovery

Bigpond password recovery method is very easy if the users follow it correctly.

  • Firstly, users need to visit original Bigpond website. They should follow the authentic link. If they have any strong antivirus, then they will receive proper notification about it.
  • Then, users need to go to the ‘’trouble signing page’’.
  • After that, big pond technicians advise them to choose the ‘’ I don’t know my password’’ option.
  • Then, users have to enter their email address.
  • Finally, they are instructed to follow the rest steps. Bigpond technical team believe that, users can able to complete further steps. But if the users want some professional help, then they are always ready to serve them. There is no shame on asking help for the same problem. Bigpond technicians are highly efficient in solving any problem.

After following bigpond password recovery method, users need to be careful about this problem. They need to follow some certain guidelines which are described below.

  • Users need to change the password after a certain interval. Otherwise it will be under control of ill minded person. Password should create with alphabets and numbers together.
  • Bigpond users always check the email settings and computer settings together. They need to check the time and location settings of the device. If the time doesn’t match with the real time or location then users will be unable to open their own Bigpond email account.
  • Users always check the browser condition. If the browser got outdated then it will be impossible for the users to access their email account. Users need to update their browser after a certain interval. They always need to use the supportive browser to avoid this problem.
  • Users should not leave their open email account with anyone. Otherwise Bigpond password recovery method will be again only option for them.
  • If they use other’s device to sign up, then they need to make sure about the log out before leaving that device.
  • Users need to check their email address too. They should a regular visitor in their own account.

To know more about bigpond email account security, users can contact with Bigpond technical support team. This team contains only hard working people. People are working for 24×7 hour basis. They are reachable through a toll free helpline number. Customized service package is available for those who have urgent assistance. Technicians never compromise with the service quality. They never failed to meet the deadline.

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