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Email  is the most effective mode of communication which are delivered extremely faster than the traditional post and they can be send 24 hrs., 365 days. Webmail means mails can be sent and received from any computer anywhere in the world with internet connection. There are many different email help services like Gmail, Hotmail, Bigbond and many more.

Gmail Help And Support

Gmail is the most popular email servicing of the world. It was launched in April 1, 2004 to the public. Users can access it  on the web or through any mobile app .Gmail email help & support system helps the users to deal with the technical problems.Nowadays Gmail account is used to access other accounts such as Facebook, twitter etc. users can send large size email attachments and can create folder in  account to save the emails. For proper searching of emails there are certain filters. users can sync their Gmail accounts with other devices so that they can access their emails easily.

Gmail Email Help

Now there can also be certain problems with the access of the emails. The most common problems are as-

  • Gmail Login Problem:- Users face login problem due to  wrong password or sometimes the account is blocked . There is problem of password when user makes mistakes like instead of zero(0) they type the letter o or lower case L is mistaken to be I or a dash is mistaken with underscore and many more. Sometimes accounts may be blocked because of too many login failures and once blocked user can’t login again.
  • Gmail Password Recovery:- Users should change their password on  frequent basis . Many  problems are due to complex  combinations of letters, numbers and special characters as users get confused due to such complex combinations as a result they tend to forget their passwords.
  • Gmail Hacked Account:- If the users want to know whether account is hacked they can click on” last account activity” at the bottom of the Gmail account page and check to see when and where the  account was last accessed this would give the user an idea if their account is hacked. For solving the problem of hacked account users can log out any logged in account from the last account activity page and immediately change their passwords.

In case of these problems users  should first of all check the cases they are using for inputting their password and then also if the problem is not resolved then they can contact our Gmail support team. Our Gmail customer service team always with you.

Hotmail Help And Support

Hotmail login problem is one of the first email services founded in 1966 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack smith in Mountain view, California later Microsoft acquired it in Dec 1997.The URL now redirects the users to main sign in page of all Microsoft accounts.Hotmail Email Help

There may be different problems for different users for accessing their account such as Hotmail login problem, Hotmail password recovery problem or hacked account problem.

  • Hotmail Login Problem:- Users may have login problem due to incorrect email address or wrong password inputted by users. The best way of solving the problem is providing phone number to Microsoft account so that the account can be recovered easily and instantly. If the user chooses to reset their password then they would get a message on their mobile, by using that code the account can be recover easily.
  • Hotmail Password Recovery:- Sometimes there are situations when users might had changed their password in past and forgot the password in that case they can recover their password by providing their phone number to Microsoft accounts.
  • Hotmail Hacked Account:- There are certain customers who face the problem of hacked account. In that case the best way to solve it is to set up alternative email addresses or another email address or users have a option of recovery code.

In case of these problems the user should follow the above given solutions then also if they are not able to access the account they can contact Hotmail support team they would solve the problem in minimal time. Our Hotmail customer service team always with you.

Bigpond Help And Support

It is the one of the most effective and cost effective way of communication in use nowadays. It helps the users to navigate the email platform and easily receive or send emails. The Bigbond brand has been in the process of being discontinued in favour of full Telstra branding since 2013. Users face certain problems such as login problem , password recovery problem or Bigpond hacked account problem.

Bigpond Email Help

    • Bigpond Login Problem:- Many times users find it difficult to login in the account due to wrong email address or wrong password given by the user. In that case a user should check the email address, its domain name and the cases used in the email address properly. Even then if the problem continues they should contact our Bigpond support team.
    • Bigpond Password Recovery:- Certain times user may forget the password they had reset in past and so they are unable to access their account in that case they can take help of security questions. Another major problem occurs when users set a complex password or they get confused in between different letters like zero (0) and letter o,in all such cases they can take the option of password reset.


  • Bigpond Hacked Account:- If both the email address as well as the password given by the user is correct then also if the user find it difficult to access their account then user should consider it as hacked account. In that case user should immediately change their password moreover if the problem continues then user should immediately contact our Bigpond customer service team who will help the user to solve the problem in very short span of time and visit our website blog page for get more information.


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